There are a lot of the benefits of the original factory car. First, the chassis supply is sufficient. The designer can customize the special chassis for the needs of the RV; and under the strong fund reserves and technical support, the product quality is more secure, and the aftermarket is more clear. Long.

The new car is exactly the same as the old models in the design. It is only different from the color matching. It is relatively good, and the green color is good. At the same time, it can improve the identity. The forehead, the cabin, the cockpit use steel riveting process.

The new car body chose a five-way structure, mainly consisting of aluminum plates, wooden boards, XPS composites, wooden boards, skin, thickness reached 32mm, increasing insulation performance.

In terms of the body size, the length / width / height of the new car is 5995 × 2170 × 2880 (mm), and the proximity / off angle / minimum ground gap is 28 ° / 17 ° / 215, respectively.

The outer configuration is concentrated on the right side of the body, including shower, rack, power interface, outdoor diesel stove, sunshade, etc., the other side is designed with storage cabin, new energy city electrical interface, injection port.

Based on the advantages of the original chassis, Changan Fengjing has improved and upgraded the Landtop chassis to adapt to higher load-bearing requirements and comfort. It can be said that it has truly become a chassis dedicated to RVs. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine with a maximum power of 171kW and a peak torque of 390 Nm. It is matched with a ZF 8AT gearbox.

In addition to good off-road parameters, the new car will also be equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system and equipped with differential locks at the center and rear axles, which improves the entire car’s ability to get out of trouble.

The single-row pickup truck chassis further expands the cabin space, which is very convenient for modifying the RV. The cabin style of Changan Fengjing is closer to that of a passenger car, such as a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, dual-screen design, etc. The new car is equipped with brake assist, hill assist, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, Advanced configurations such as online navigation, voice recognition, and streaming rearview mirrors reduce the fatigue of drivers and passengers during long-distance travel.

The 6-seater model has adjusted the layout of the living area, and the number of people allowed in the new car has been increased from 4 to 6. The most obvious change is that the reception area is more spacious.

Chang’an Fengjing·Blue Whale Landlord’s living area adopts a warm-color mainless light source design, combined with natural wood-colored decorative panels, and the overall atmosphere is warm and IKEA-like.

Let’s start with the forehead bed. The size is 2×1.3 (m), which can accommodate 2 adults. Generally, the forehead bed of a pickup truck is not very high from the ground, which is more convenient for users to get in and out of bed. The height of the bed from the top can be Reaching 0.9m, the top space is very generous.

The forehead bed is surrounded by soft packaging, which not only improves skin-friendliness but also provides warmth. There are windows on the top of both sides to provide ventilation and lighting.

Compared with the reception area of ​​the previous real-life model, the new car is equipped with a complete set of facing seats + lifting table, which makes the space spacious and comfortable. The bed-joining form is designed as a classic pairing of deck seats. Although the length is not as long as the 4-seater version, this area can also be used as a temporary bed.

Taking into account the current frequency and usage habits of RV TVs, a folding TV is provided on the top of the living area to provide a basic entertainment experience in the car.

There is a split-type air conditioner for RVs above the reception area, which can be used during driving and parking. In low-temperature environments in winter, users can also use a 5000W diesel heater to provide hot water/heated air supply.

The kitchen area is set in the middle of the living area, with an induction cooker and sink built into the countertop, and an extended tabletop on the outside to further extend the operating area.

The storage space under the countertop can store drinking water tanks and kitchen utensils, and the drawers are partitioned inside.

There is a range hood above the kitchen area, but it is not recommended that you prepare dishes with heavy oil fumes indoors. The storage space also includes overhead cabinets.

The 148L RV-specific refrigerator is located next to the kitchen area and is divided into refrigeration/freezing areas. It is also equipped with a microwave oven on the top to quickly heat ingredients.

The interior of the independent bathroom is made of large-area waterproof materials/techniques. The bottom is designed with double floor drains. The advantage is that it has good drainage performance. If one floor drain is clogged, the other one can still function. The main configuration includes fixed sink, Thetford toilet, cosmetic mirror, etc.

There is a two-way ventilation fan on the top of the bathroom, and four sets of built-in light strips can provide lighting for the interior. It is worth mentioning that Changan Fengjing is equipped with electric heating and electric water absorption functions in the bathroom.

Behind the reception area is the main storage area in the car, which can be used as a wardrobe or locker. The 3kg washing machine has been moved to this area, and there is enough space at the rear of the car for users to operate.

Multiple sets of top cabinets are reserved on the top, extending all the way to the reception area, which is also the main storage space in the car.

Above the middle door is a four-way monitoring display and a touch screen. The touch screen integrates most of the functions in the car and can also display water and electricity usage. In terms of circuitry, Changan Fengjing is equipped with a 48V 200Ah (approximately 9.6kWh) lithium battery pack, 5000W inverter, and 800W solar panel. The charging method supports new energy fast charging interface. A 160L clean water tank and a 50L gray water tank make up the waterway system of the new car. If the user has higher needs, the new car supports the optional worry-free water package, including a 300L clean water tank + water tank heating + water tank cleaning system.

Summary: Changan Fengjing is defined as a four-wheel drive pickup truck. Based on its chassis advantages, the new car can adapt to unpaved roads of a certain intensity. In rainy and snowy weather, with the support of the four-wheel drive system, the traveling process is also smooth. It will be safer. The living area can accommodate 4 people while driving, and the entire car can accommodate 6 people. However, since the new car only provides a front bed and a shared bed in the living area, it is still suitable for a small number of people to experience living, such as a family of three or a couple. The scene will be more pleasant.